Here's an excellent journalistic analysis from of how EB-5 investor visa projects are analyzed, highlighting how Vermont state officials are directly involved in the review process for EB-5 projects in Vermont.  The State of Vermont Agency of Commerce and Economic Development (ACCD) manages the EB-5 program in Vermont, not a private party, which is unique.  EB-5 eligibility is complicated and leaves quite a bit of uncertainty for the investor, who has to document that the project actually met the job creation goals set out in the business plan before obtaining a green card based on the investment.  So before the project starts confidence must be very high that job projections will be realized, or EB-5 investors won't invest.  Lawrence Miller, ACCD Secretary and Brent Raymond at ACCD offer value to the assessment of potential EB-5 projects, they each have extensive experience with financing and business development and they're good guys to work with, too. Kudos to Bill Stenger and his colleagues on the project side for weeding out marginal projects early on, to avoid problems for EB-5 investors later on.